The “Godless” Stigma

Anger Spread Thin

A few days ago, I came at the forefront of a very harsh line of questioning by a student. It was hardly relevant and I don’t really know how the subject even arose, as we were in a maths class. Nonetheless, we started discussing religious beliefs – or lack thereof – and I was surprised by her scrutiny. I feel like I didn’t answer to the best of my ability, so I intend to do so here. I feel like not enough people openly discuss what they think or believe because it might be unfavourable or uncommon – and, in a free-thinking environment, I find that absurd. No-one should should be ashamed, let alone afraid, of what they hold as their beliefs.

So, firstly:

“Are you Muslim?”

Again, I don’t know where this question came from, but the asker was, herself, a Muslim and I guess she took a stab…

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