Unnecessary Homosexual Insecurities

Anger Spread Thin

This is a similar type of post as The “Godless” Stigma – it’s very much inspired by a conversation with some of my students who were discussing social (and political) issues in class. There were some thoughts that were brought up and I don’t think that they’re uncommon, but I do feel that they aren’t talked about as much as they should. I don’t judge these students for making the statements that they’ve made. I’ve said on multiple occasions that people learn through discussion, and I feel that a lot was learned through this – and I hope something can be learned by me putting it up here.

Moving on, the discussion was mainly on homosexuality and how much of the western world had grown to accept homosexuality as a normal thing and how rights have been more or less equalised in terms of law and jurisdiction. However, my students…

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