Ye’ve goat tae be kiddin

Wee Ginger Dug

It’s official. We’re in a mess. It’s an official mess, as opposed to the unofficial mess that has characterised the UK ever since a slight majority of the people of England and Wales decided that curvy bananas were more important to them than job security and the ability to travel freely throughout Europe. Theresa May has apologised to Conservative MPs for the mess she created with her single minded pursuit of what was good for her career, but she hasn’t apologised to anyone else. She hasn’t apologised to the public, and she hasn’t apologised to the goats who’ll die in order to produce the goatskin for a Queen’s Speech that’s a tissue of wishful thinking.

But then to be honest, she did stand on a manifesto commitment to animal cruelty, so the goat sacrifice is about the only one of her promises that she’s going to keep. If you’d ever…

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