The Return of the Sore Loser!

Sometimes you can actually quite enjoy stumbling across something, months after the fact, and get a good laugh from it. If you follow this blog on a regular basis then you may recall a ‘discussion’ with one Waifuist, who also went by the name MGTOW soldier. He posted a string of vitriolic comments then sent me the same comment nine times after I blocked him, once he reached the saturation point for stupidity. In response, he actually went as far as to create a new website that, initially at least, was aimed entirely at attacking little ol’ me.

It turns out he crowed loudly and proudly in a little corner of the web about how he destroyed my position… ‘sigh’, I guess he wasn’t done with making an idiot of himself. Instead, he posted a few comments on another site, ganging up with a MGTOW buddy. Strangely, it’s been several months since our ‘discussion’, and they’re confident they dismantled what I had to say, yet this page hasn’t been brought to my attention. What a shock. Yet apparently, I’m the one who runs an echo chamber…

Here’s the thing. If you want to have a proper, coherent, drawn-out discussion, one driven by facts, then by all means, get in touch. We can do it properly, on a site like, where we will be judged by our peers. Are you brave enough?


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