The Return of the Sore Loser!

Sometimes you can actually quite enjoy stumbling across something, months after the fact, and get a good laugh from it. If you follow this blog on a regular basis then you may recall a ‘discussion’ with one Waifuist, who also went by the name MGTOW soldier. He posted a string of vitriolic comments then sent me the same comment nine times after I blocked him, once he reached the saturation point for stupidity. In response, he actually went as far as to create a new website that, initially at least, was aimed entirely at attacking little ol’ me.

It turns out he crowed loudly and proudly in a little corner of the web about how he destroyed my position… ‘sigh’, I guess he wasn’t done with making an idiot of himself. Instead, he posted a few comments on another site, ganging up with a MGTOW buddy. Strangely, it’s been several months since our ‘discussion’, and they’re confident they dismantled what I had to say, yet this page hasn’t been brought to my attention. What a shock. Yet apparently, I’m the one who runs an echo chamber…

Here’s the thing. If you want to have a proper, coherent, drawn-out discussion, one driven by facts, then by all means, get in touch. We can do it properly, on a site like, where we will be judged by our peers. Are you brave enough?


15 thoughts on “The Return of the Sore Loser!

    1. A MGTOW is a ‘man going their own way’. They’ve been jilted, hurt or spurned by women and have decided they want nothing to do with them anymore. This usually doesn’t stop many of them from talking at length about women and the evils of things like feminism.

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      1. Pretty much. The thing is, through following the MGTOW tag on WordPress, and the excellent We Hunted the Mammoth, it becomes plain to see that MGTOWs (and the related MRAs) aren’t really interested in the betterment of men, but rather, in the tearing down of women.

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      2. Pretty much. I’m waiting for Neroke to come back to me so we can organise a one-on-one discussion on his issues with feminism and women. He’s in the middle of moving so I don’t know when we’ll get around to it.

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