To Conceive or Not to Conceive (A Contraceptive Issue) ~ Female Intuition

Anger Spread Thin

Female Intuition is a series I’ve started to tackle issues that women ought to have very pronounced opinions on. I feel that men express opinions and create ‘rules’ in regards women’s issues without fully understanding what women actually think and feel. I don’t identify as a feminist, but I do feel strongly about women’s issues and I strongly believe in the right of every woman to make decisions for herself.


If you have any suggestions for topics, feel free to leave and comment and check out the category here.


I know and understand that this is a sensitive issue. And I want to treat it like a sensitive issue. Today’s topic is about contraception and abortion. Originally, I wanted to talk about these issues separately – because they have differing aspects to them – but I decided to write them up as one, because I’m not someone…

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