The Slippery Slope of Same-sex Rights?

I am not holding my breath on this one!

via Calling out the British Foreign Office to show *genuine* inclusion for Islamic marriage — Blogging Theology

Yup, another slippery slope fallacy post from Blogging Theology. Regarding same-sex relationships as normal does not have to lead to polygamy, or anything else, but sadly, the fear-mongering that goes on within conservative types on this subject seems to know no bounds.

I must also wonder if the point of the Foreign Office tweet is being missed, and being missed on purpose. To be homosexual, or bi, or transsexual, is to invite denial of rights and in some parts of the world, violence and death. In other parts of the world they are expected to remain hidden, unacknowledged, lest their mere existence offend others. So why shouldn’t they fight for the right to be acknowledged, to exist, and to be free from oppression and violence, especially at the hands of overbearing elements of the conservative religious right, who love nothing more than to interfere in the lives of others?


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