Crumbling Infrastructure

As you will see, Trump isn’t just a bigot – he’s clueless about the economy as well.

Times of Resistance

America’s infrastructure is horrible! I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that our roads and bridges and airports are just fine. Trust me, they’re not. This year, our infrastructure received a grade of D+. We have potholes, sinkholes, dried up canals, impassable bridges, buses that never arrive on time, floods in subway tunnels and trains that break down a lot. In fact, our overall grade on the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card is a D+. That’s really disgusting. Interestingly, railroads earned a B, but the rest of our infrastructure didn’t score higher than a C+. Buses earned a D-, which is obvious to anyone who rides, or tries to ride, the bus to work in the morning.

Now, Trump says he can fix all this. He’s promised 5-6% GDP and millions upon millions of jobs. He even knows which 50 projects he wants to start with. He’s got…

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