Whiteness Under Siege: Attacking Affirmative Action

It’s shocking and scary that the government of a country as powerful and influential as the US can be trying to bring about something so obviously racist. White people are not oppressed and have not known oppression – it’s just absurd.

Zone of Non-being

The Justice Department is planning to investigate affirmative action programs at universities and sue them for “discrimination against white applicants.”

1). There is no such thing as ‘reverse racism’. White supremacy is a system of power created by white people for white people – at the expense of minorities. Systematic oppression only works in one direction, it is not a two-way street.

2). Whiteness always imagines itself in a state of emergency – as being under siege by the big, bad, dark Other. Notice that whiteness always seems to be reacting to danger – as opposed to instigating it. How convenient?! This collective delusion allows white folks to justify oppression by claiming their actions were a necessary act of self-preservation. The victims end up being blamed.

3). This becomes more apparent when we realize that white applicants are not discriminated against. The entire education system exists to perpetuate racial oppression…

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