Are Atheists Immoral?

Paul from Blogging Theology certainly drops this hint quite often, but does it bear up to scrutiny?

It depends on your sources, I suppose. Can horrendous crimes be carried out by atheists? Of course. Then again, horrendous crimes can be carried out by anyone, irrespective of their religious (or lack thereof) beliefs. There have been many crimes committed by those who have attended Church, prayed in mosques and who worship God in various means. I have to draw into question then, the idea Paul is hinting at, namely that atheists lack morality. Some do, some don’t, much like followers of the world’s religions. 


3 thoughts on “Are Atheists Immoral?

  1. I think most wars in this world, past and current have been because of religion. In the name of religion so many brutal crimes are committed daily. Christians and Muslims. Hindus and Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus yes the ever peaceful religion Buddhism too finds a way to kill, rape and everything else (eg in Sri Lanka, Burma) Churches and other religious organisations have been shoving pedophiles under the carpet for so long. So Please!

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