The Dreaded C Word …..


I am sharing a small snapshot of my life hurdles.  I have not completed a half marathon or climbed Mount Everest.  However, I am sharing it purely to say someone as ordinary as me can still fight back, still soldier on, still over come and still achieve.

For those who like to read the whole story it’s all there on my blog

This is a story of my journey through diagnosis of cancer, millions of surgeries the struggles and obviously survival.

Two years ago I did my first ever City to Bay.  I was rather emotional.  A year before that, I couldn’t have imagined anything even remotely close to that.  Eight years on I am still here, fitter than I was before all my dramas began.  I am not naïve to think that the monster may not return.  But, today is not the day and tomorrow is another day anyway.

Grab onto a purpose, I had a purpose – I have two young kids, I haven’t completed my bucket list.  Life is like a game of monopoly.  The odds of picking up the chance card and that card could be “it’s your birthday…” or “go straight to Jail”.  However slim the chances are, until the game is finished I still have a chance to win, unless, I decide to give up before the end.  I decided to keep rolling the dice.  I kept reminding myself that I feel pain only because I am still alive.

Hope I have inspired one other person to fight on.


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