Falling Behind on the World Stage

Some terrific insights on the harm Trump does to America’s international standing.

Times of Resistance

We’re all feeling what happened in Charlottesville. I wrote about the rise of racism and many forms of discrimination a couple weeks ago so I won’t recap the horrors we’ve seen dozens of times since Saturday. You can probably guess how I feel about it. Trump’s response is yet another reason the international community is more and more reticent to align themselves to the United States. In the case of countries less committed to an alliance with the United States, there are both economic and security considerations that have discouraged them from working with us, but now they have a reason to feel emotionally hesitant regardless of any of the more tangible reasons to remain independent of any binding international agreements forged in America’s image.

Trump’s behavior, his tweets, his ignorance, and hatred for anyone but himself hasn’t yet shown itself to be intellectualized in that it all seems unclear…

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