Poor White Christians


This will probably come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

According to a recent national poll, 45% of people who elected donald trump President of the United States say that whites face more discrimination than any other race. Native Americans came in second with 17%, then African Americans with 16%, and Latinos with 5%.

In the same poll, 54% of those voters named Christians as the religious group subject to the most discrimination, followed by 22% saying Muslims and 12% Jews.

Okay, guys, you know what? Shut up. You embarrass yourselves, and me.

Now, I’m not here to denigrate white people or Christians, and I’m not saying these folks are never victimized by discrimination, but there’s no way you’ll find either of those demographics at the top of the leaderboard.

Don’t believe me? Okay, think about the last Christian church you saw spray painted with derogatory words and symbols. Or the last time a policeman stopped you on the street because of your skin color. Or passed over you for a job, a home, or a quality education for the same reason. Or the last time your religion was openly protested in the streets. Or the last time you got the shit beat out of you because of your color or religion.

Then, tell me about the discrimination you face.

All this is about is, the scales have been tipped toward whites and Christians in this country since its inception, and now they’re moving a little bit in the other direction, and that scares you. You’re worried about no longer being the big dog on the porch.

Well, then, this God-blessed America will just fall right to pieces, won’t it?

Don’t you suppose that would have already happened, in the eight years a black man was President of the United States?

You white Christians think you’re discriminated against? Sit down with any black, any Muslim, any Jew, any Latino, any LGBT+ or, for that matter, any woman, and let them school you about what discrimination really is.

Because, believe me, you don’t know.


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