A lot of ground to cover

Apologies once more for the lack of regular posting of late – new job, to say nothing of being a father and husband, keeps me pretty occupied! Nonetheless, I have some time to delve into what’s been happening in the world lately.

Gun Violence

With yet another shooting in the USA, this one being yet another one at a school, it seems that despite all the facts and evidence, there are some in the US who feel the solution is to put more guns in schools. It will never cease to bewilder me that something as deadly as a gun could be considered a way to make a situation safer, especially when the evidence points in the opposite direction.

Trump is not a Feminist

Gee, what a shock this was. The misogynist in chief claims to be in favour of equality yet his actions suggest otherwise. He likes to ‘grab ’em by the pussy’. He (along with a male-dominated cabinet) seek to control women’s bodies by denying them a choice on their pregnancy, under the misleading guise of ‘pro-life’ arguments (yet they do nothing about gun violence that kills children on a regular basis, nor do they seek to change a system that regularly sees people – including kids – living in poverty and being discarded if they have no money). Trump is not a feminist and certainly not in favour of equality.

Conservative vs Liberal

Recent discussions (not to mention even a cursory glance) of certain arguments/positions yields some incredible irony. If it makes me a liberal to believe that healthcare is a right for all, not merely a privilege for the rich, so be it. If I am a liberal because I don’t take the ignorant step of ignoring the death toll from guns whilst hypocritically being pro-life, so be it. If I am to be called liberal because I believe women, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community deserve to be treated equally (and because I don’t make the wild leap of logic that ‘equal’ somehow means favoured, as quite a few conservatives do) then so be it. For all the accusations that liberals engage in group-think and don’t care about anything other than themselves, it sure seems that conservatives have no problem in engaging in group-think and self-serving ideals.

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