My Thoughts on the Fat Acceptance Movement

Anger Spread Thin

Here I am, again commenting on issues that may have been beaten to death by now. But it takes me some time to form a full opinion on any sort of issue. I’m still mulling over the whole Venables issue that has recently stirred up. I feel like some issues should have a straightforward, black-and-white answer – but I like mulling things over and opening myself to all the aspects, so I don’t feel right expressing an opinion until it’s solidified completely in my mind. And some things aren’t solid – like the Venables case: where you have the case of a repeated offender and murderer, but he acknowledges his problem. And there are statements from Bulger’s parents, as well as the parents of Venables… The James Bulger case really is one of the most tragic stories in recent history for the UK, so it’s difficult not to be biased…

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