Time’s Up (Again)

A message to all members of the United States Congress:

God damn you. God damn all of you.

Innocent people, especially schoolchildren, are being murdered on a regular basis because you value National Fucking Rifle Association contributions over human life.

Anything you say to the contrary is a filthy, stinkin’ lie.

And more bodies are piling up, and more lives are senselessly cut short, and more families are grieving and wondering how to go on from here, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s all…your…fault.

No one else’s. Yours.

All you want to do is show fake compassion to the victims’ families, and insist that “now is not the time” to talk about doing something – hell, anything – about gun violence.

Translation: Let’s let everyone calm down, then they’ll forget about it and we won’t have to do shit.

You seriously think we can’t see right through your self-righteous bullshit? We’ve heard it so much by now, we’ve all cracked the code.

Well, guess what: I’m not calming down. I’m not forgetting about it. Neither are any of your other constituents. You know, the ones who can vote you out of office? Can you say midterm elections?

Y’all wanna puff out your chest and say you love America? Then why are you letting so many of America’s children be killed?

Do any of you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews who are in school? Do they put a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eyes? Don’t you just love them so much you’d do anything at all for them?

Does it bother you at all that they could go to school one day and be indiscriminately shot to death?

Does that register on your meter any? At all?

You wanna keep sucking on that sweet NRA teat? Fine, but you be sure and look that sweet child in the eyes and tell the truth: that your re-election means more to you than their life.

Deny it all you want, get as righteously indignant as you please, but you know I’m right.

And, Donnie, I’m not letting you off the hook, either. You want to blame this on mental illness, then why the hell did you push Congress last year to roll back regulations making it harder for mentally ill people to purchase guns? Either it’s a problem, or it isn’t. So, fuck you, too.

We, the people of the United States, are watching you. So are our children. Many of them in Florida are even publicly calling you out. They’re begging you for help.

You’re the ones who pass the laws. So, for God’s sake, start working right now on passing some common sense gun laws, beginning with the immediate ban on the AR-15 assault rifle. Throw every fucking one of ‘em in a big bonfire, and let’s watch them all melt down.

No more excuses. No more kowtowing to the gun lobby. Nothing less than real action is acceptable.

To borrow a phrase from the women, time’s up!

3 thoughts on “Time’s Up (Again)

  1. I have read so many arguments from anti-regulation folk over the past few days. ‘Put guns in schools to make them hard targets’, ‘don’t infringe on the rights of gun owners’, ‘respect the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment!’ Then there’s all the ‘take away guns and crime goes up’ stuff. Only, a lot of these arguments don’t actually bear up to any scrutiny.

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