Arm the Teachers

Another excellent observation on the flawed premise of guns in schools.

Anastasia Writes


Picture it, senior Calculus Seminar, 2019, Any High School, USA. It’s April, the warm breeze is blowing through an open window, and your teacher is explaining a type of integral you know you’re going to use in real life because you just got accepted to the College of Engineering at the State U. As you fantasize about the labs you’ll be working in next year and how beautiful the people there with you will be, your teacher reaches up to write something on the Smart Board, and her blazer moves just slightly, revealing the handle of her Glock 19, lovingly carried in a purple shoulder holster that matches her blouse. Without a moment’s hesitation, you continue taking notes, and she continues teaching. It’s just another day in America. “I’m glad she’s armed. Nothing can happen to us like this.”, you think to yourself.

OK, enough. Apparently, there are a lot of…

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3 thoughts on “Arm the Teachers

  1. Allowing our teachers to be armed and trained if they want is a good thing in my book but hey I am some damn dirty yank who believes in the right to bare arms. Every person has the right in my book to have a means to defend them self be a gun knife or other weapon.


    1. You completely miss the point. I would suggest you actually read what’s written about gun violence and take on board the stats. I suggest you read the articles I’ve reblogged as well.


      1. And I recommend you stop hatting guns gun owners and safe responsible gun culture . Yes as long as we allow gun ownership and gun free zones we will have some crazy fucks who commit stupid acts of needless violence to kill others for their own sick reasons . You are aware places in America where we have the strictest laws regarding legal gun ownership have the most crime stats and have some of the highest gun homicide rates. Violent crimes here in America tend to happen in places with the fewest legal gun owners. So to make it do good law abiding people can not own guns here in America or making it exceedingly costly and difficult leads to more crime and more homicide. We in America were born as country because our people took up arms and decided we would no longer be slaves to you Brits and have to pay your monarchs taxes . So we enshrined in our founding documents that the people of this nation had the right to have arms sufficient so that we could fend off others and even over throw our government if they became tyrannical. You libs who hate guns will never remove our rights as gun owners from us here in the States . Do we need to fix things with how some of our laws work regarding guns yes we do but we do not need to make it so good people are left defenseless in a attack cause they legally could not own the best tool of defense . I say we get rid of gun free zones number 1 . I say we get rid of restrictions on mag capacity and full autos . I say we strip down the wait times for purchase . I want to make something very clear guns are not our real issue crazy people with the intent to hurt others is our issue . Sometimes the best defense against crazy is a armed person willing to put crazy down for good if they mean to cause others harm. Our right to own and carry arms is not given to us by our government . It a fundamental human right that we keep a means to defend ourselves so next time a mass shooting happens do not blame the gun , do not blame other gun owners blame the person who carried out the attack . I know concepts like this are foreign to you but please never blame evil acts on the gun bomb or any tool used to cause mass harm blame it on the person behind said tool


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