11 thoughts on “InCels Like to Scare

  1. My jaw has hit the floor. It’s gonna take a trip to the hardware store to find the right tools to put it back in place. What the hell is wrong with some people? And I bet this guy whines about never getting laid, because he’s a creepy piece of crap!

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  2. Oh yeah cause all MRA’s and MGTOW’s do this shit right . He is not just some creep or lair saying stuff online to troll people like you ie feminist men and women who hate non feminists . Most MGTOW’s I know pretty much stick to themselves and do not wish to interact with any women out of knowing any interaction with a female can land them in cuffs if she claims rape or abuse. Feminists like you just keep proving feminism is not about real equality but female superiority over men


    1. Again, I call bullshit. I have *never* claimed ‘all MRAs/MGTOWs’ do XYZ (though *you* make similar statements about feminism all the time). However one only needs to follow the MGTOW tag on WordPress, or visit Return of Kings, or check out the MRA threads on Reddit, or simply declare support for feminism on Twitter, to see *a lot* of misogyny in action. None of that seems to bother you – after all, you had not one word of condemnation for the actions of the incel.


      1. Return of kings is not a MRA or Mgtow site it is a PUA fuck boy site . Stop conflating Us with them for fucks sake . If what you wrote about that guy is true [Highly doubt it] He is scummy guy there I denounce his actions if true . I still think that was more of a shit post to piss people like you off . Wanna know why people hate feminism look at all the abuse toward men feminist hurl at us and they expect nobody to respond or refute their bullshit Misandrist shit. Yes I am sexist make no bones about it women are not equal to men . Women should not have been given the right to vote cause they have no skin in the game . Men must sign up to die to vote women just have to survive til 18 to vote . Women an vote men off to fight a war safe in the knowledge they will not be put in real danger for doing so .


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