A lesson in Toxic Masculinity

I’m gonna leave this here – an excellent dismantling of toxic masculinity and why it’s not an attack on masculinity in general.

That's Peake

Man up.

Grow some balls.

Don’t be a pussy.

Boys don’t cry.

Don’t be such a girl.

Be a man.

Hands up if you’ve projected one or more of the above – or similar comments –  at a man in your life….*raises hand*….Welcome to the “I’ve contributed to Toxic Masculinity” Club.

Toxic masculinity is another branch on the tree of everything that’s wrong with our society. Masculinity itself isn’t at all toxic, a lot of the traits considered to be masculine are beneficial to all genders. Think about leadership skills, drive, ambition, these traits are considered to be masculine and they’re good traits for everyone have.

Masculinity only becomes toxic when damaging behaviours labelled as masculine are encouraged and enforced. The cultural perception of masculinity and the way in which toxic masculine traits are encouraged creates harmful stereotypes that men fall into. Toxic traits include dominance, violence, sexual aggression, self…

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