I am no fan of Fox News, but Dwayne Johnson’s brave admission of his battle with depression is worth highlighting.

7 thoughts on “Depression

  1. I love this. Between Michael Phelps, Kevin Love and now, Dwayne Johnson, these are some high-profile guys speaking up lately about their struggles with depression, all coming to the realization that you’ve got to TALK ABOUT IT AND GET HELP. NOBODY can take on this beast alone; I know.

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    1. We’re not great (as a gender) for opening up and talking, so when someone like ‘The Rock’ can do so, it’s encouraging. To admit depression is not a weakness, despite what some people think.

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  2. I’m so with you about FOX News. Luckily, it was a repost from The Sun, I think! LOL

    I’m so proud of Dwayne Johnson for sharing his vulnerabilities & telling people it doesn’t make one weak, or less of a man, to admit to having feelings other than anger. To share such a painful memory shows incredible strength, & him offering support to others online tells me he’s not just talking.

    I knew I loved him before this; now I’m over the moon! 😀

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