The Righteous Anger of Racists

I’ve made a point of not granting air time to certain individuals, however this latest nugget was too good not to share.

So, because the NFL is a business (and apparently not a hugely public sports forum that can serve as as a positive or negative influence on society), it can be exempt from little things like the First Amendment. It doesn’t matter if the NFL is tamely falling into lockstep with Donald Trump’s jingoistic approach to patriotism. It doesn’t matter that this is further evidence of the institutional racism that haunts aspects of US society. All you need to be a business and suddenly you’re exempt from little things like racism and discrimination.

The greatest irony here? Apparently it’s shutting down free speech too!

6 thoughts on “The Righteous Anger of Racists

  1. It’s funny how the Right think that removing that blue check next to Twitter is against Freedom of Speech as well. Except that Twitter is a business and if they want too unverified someone who doesn’t represent what they are “supposed” to stand for. They don’t have too.

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