American Beaches

If this had been Obama you can be the conservative right in America would be up in arms. Because it’s Trump, they’ll be silent and complicit.



The summit in Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un was truly historic. It was the first time an American president legitimized the dictatorial regime of North Korea.

Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg has been searching out the Trump doctrine on foreign policy. After talking to administration officials over several weeks, he finally got one from a White House official with direct access to Trump. It’s “we’re America, bitch.”

That sort of attitude invigorates the testosterone-fueled, alpha-male wannabe Trump sycophants who want to see America mark its territory over friends and foes alike. Former White House official and white supremacists Sebastian Gorka famously said before it was discovered he was an international fugitive, “the era of the pajama boy is over.”

This new era without pajamas has given us a leader who agreed to sit down with a dictator without any preconditions, or consultations with anyone who knows anything about…

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