The Racists Doth Cry Some More!

Oh boy. I haven’t bothered to post comments from Asher for a while and for a while he seemed to get the hint and stopped wasting my time with his rants. Activity on his blog ceased – it seemed to be merely a vehicle for responding to Coalition posts anyway; where he had stopped, I figured it meant he had cut the puppet strings and was no longer dancing to my tune. I was wrong.

Nice to see you are promoting a Black Supremacist on your Blog mate . Capernick is not a hero he is a damn fool who hates his own Country I say he should be deported to some shit hole since he hate how supposedly racist America is and not oppressed his millionaire ass is. More Whites and Mexicans are killed by cops than Blacks are killed unjustly . FYI Black lives are not the only lives that matter I would Say Police lives matter more than most thug lives and by thug I mean any race of person who commits violent crimes.

All this goes to demonstrate to me is that Asher has completely misunderstood and misrepresented Kaepernick’s protest. The killing of unarmed black people (and you need only a cursory glance at social media to see reports of heavy-handed policing toward black people at nearly every turn) is not a trival issue merely because of other deaths at the hands of police. It doesn’t suddenly become irrelevant or less important because of what is happening to someone else. I wouldn’t say to a friend who was ill that their illness was less serious just because another friend had the same illness but more so.

Finally, what medium for raising awareness of this on-going problem would be acceptable to Asher? How should a person best use their own position of privelege to raise awareness for serious social issues? What would be his views on the many veterans who have fought for the US and the flag who have stated their support for Kaepernick, under the Constitution that Asher claims to revere?

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