An Inception in Violence – Part III: The Knowledge of Military Strategy and the Politics of Madinah

Anger Spread Thin

Originally, this was going to be one blog post, but after considering the full length that that would make the post, I’ve decided to split it up into parts. All the posts will be linked here.

It appears that the first two parts of this series got a decent response, so I feel motivated to continue. Thankfully, there’s been nothing perverse – so, I can still keep going down this rabbit-hole with all of you. If you’ve missed the first parts, feel free to click the link up top – but as a quick disclaimer: if you’re sensitive about your religion, I would suggest that you don’t read this. But your comments are always welcome.

The Battle of Uhud

So, in the last part, we explored the context around the time the Prophet of Islam was born to and the environment that shaped him, we looked at the different rivals…

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