Women Are Not Required to Have Children

Damn straight.


I’ve never wanted children. I don’t now and I never will.

For some reason this fact upsets people and they always try to argue with me about it. Let me just go ahead and tell you what not to say when a woman says that she doesn’t want to have children:

  • Don’t say that!
    • How about you not tell me what to do
  • Oh you just haven’t met the right person yet
    • Meeting someone isn’t going to make me want a baby, what kind of dumbass logic is that?
  • You’ll change your mind
    • No. I won’t. And if I do it will be my choice, not someone else trying to make a decision for me
  • But what if your future husband wants kids?
    • It’s not the fucking 1920s. I’m a grown ass woman and I make my own decisions. I’m not going to marry someone who doesn’t respect my choices…

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2 thoughts on “Women Are Not Required to Have Children

    1. So what if a couple get married, under the idea that neither of them want children, but then one of them changes their mind? What if that someone is the man, what then? Should the woman be expected to acquiesce to her husband’s wishes, even if she doesn’t want children and even though she is the one who will face the greatest upheaval in her life?


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