11 thoughts on “The Price

    1. Perhaps I should have rephrased my original question – what do anti-regulatory folk think of what doctors are saying on Twitter? After all, the NRA were rather blunt in telling doctors they shouldn’t be speaking about this – yet doctors are often the ones who have to deal with the aftermath of gun crime.


      1. Allow me to preface that very few firearm owners are “anti-regulatory”…….we’re anti-over regulation.

        That said, while crimes committed with a firearm can lead to a tragic cause of death……the event (with respect to the implement) is a matter for law enforcement and the judiciary. It is not a medical matter. Many physicians have been enlisted to pervert the definition of “epidemic” in an attempt to buttress the shortcomings of the political campaign to disarm Americans.

        I’m not an NRA member, but given the baseless vitriol leveled at that organization from far and wide……I’m coming up short in sympathy for these physicians.


      2. What would define over-regulation in your view? Would a system like Germany’s (which has a very high rate of gun ownership yet also a very low gun death rate) be open to consideration as an answer to an on-going problem? https://www.thelocal.de/20160616/five-things-to-know-about-guns-in-germany-us-gun-control-laws

        Meanwhile, given that a significant percentage of murders, suicides and accidental deaths in the US involve guns, and doctors are the ones dealing with the fallout (along with often bearing the duty of giving families terrible news), I would say they are right to be vocal.


      3. Doctors have every right to be vocal, I’m certainly not advocating muzzling them. They don’t have the right however, to be protected from opposition to their claims.

        Over regulation comes in many forms, but typically consist of arbitrary, specious and even false foundations….which the gun control camp is known to traffic in.

        I don’t try to compare legislation between this nation and others, as the founding documents guaranteeing the protection of a pre-existing right to bear arms is not found elsewhere.

        There are some additional measures that I would support, but it would come only with the necessary civil liberty safeguards that I don’t see proffered by the gun control camp.


      4. I don’t think doctors are trying to muzzle anyone – the NRA though, appeared quite vocal in wanting doctors to be quiet on the subject.

        What would you say to taking advantage of systems that other nations have employed to successfully reduce gun violence? The German model is proven to work but equally, does not equate to anything remotely like a ban – indeed, Germany has the fourth-highest rate of gun ownership in the world, yet a murder rate only a fraction of the USA’s. A system to at least consider borrowing elements from?


      5. Is it not worth considering that the Constitution is a living document that has been amended before? Is it not also part of the 2nd Amendment the words ‘well-regulated militia’? That last part often seems to be forgotten.


      6. “Well regulated” in the parlance of the Founders era…..means “in good working order”…..and that term is to be found in many other passages of note from that time, decidedly not in the spirit that the gun control camp presumes.

        In terms of modern usage, the 2nd Amendment is more regulated than any other, with respect to the Right of the Citizen to freely exercise it. I don’t support additional legislation, especially when current legislation is either unenforceable or not enforced to a reasonable degree.


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