They’re Burning All The Witches

Hear hear! Also, Patrick Stewart is awesome!

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One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve ever heard (or seen) about feminists is that they are bitter (and therefore feminists) because they can’t get married (often depicted in photos and memes as a woman who is “ugly” … and that’s why she’s a feminist. Not because she’d support anything logical like equality, but because no one else will “have” you. Apparently, according to some people, you can only support a movement about gender and intersectional equality if you’re unattractive).  

Firstly, looks have nothing to do with supporting feminism. End of story. 

Feminism is about fucking intersectional equality.

To prove my point (that you can be, shock-horror, attractive and a feminist, I’ve put a list together of famous “hot” celebrities that are feminists. (And I’m only focusing on the ones that a large group of people would at least agree that these people are attractive. I’m not saying 

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