The Shari‘a Penal Code of Brunei is not what you think..

Since Paul is apparently back to false accusations and hypocrisy, I’ll put forward once again the answer to his question, and note for the group his failure to even attempt to address it.

I will attempt to answer your question (I don’t expect a reply), but your question is extremely difficult to answer, for it pre-supposes the existence of God, and the question around which interpretation of God is vitally important as well. Your question is a bit like asking ‘why is Lionel Messi better than Christiano Ronaldo?’ It inserts the conclusion into the question.If we go by Brunei, they are interpreting God’s will for humanity under Sunni Islam, and Zina and Hudud in respect of crime and punishment in respect of sexual crimes.The system of witnesses is one dangerously open to abuse – the requirement for conviction is four witnesses or four confessions. Who is say witnesses are being genuine and not merely lying to handle or remove a rival? Who is say ‘confessions’ are not obtained under duress? The penalties for some of these ‘crimes’ are simply barbaric – if the death penalty *must* exist for same-sex acts, is stoning even remotely acceptable?To swing back to the original question, how do I ascertain God’s will for mankind? How indeed? Do I (or should I) ascertain it through Christianity? That particular faith has its own rather grim and bloodthirsty past (and present). I don’t ascertain God’s will because I am not sure that God even exists, and if God does exist, their questionable morality across many fields makes me wonder if their will is one we should even want to consider.

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