Bravery and Sacrifice

Why is it certain corners of the USA (and I must stress only certain quarters here) continue to suggest doing nothing as a means to solving the on-going problem of gun violence, especially shootings which leave children dead. Children should go to school to learn and to play with their friends – they shouldn’t have to worry about being targets, or have drills to deal with shooters. There are solutions to this problem, which can be found all around the world. It requires an end to the cowardly burying of heads in sand to resolve.

7 thoughts on “Bravery and Sacrifice

    1. There are plenty of gun control measures around the world that would not prevent gun ownership, and are proven to work. Whether these are constitutional is a different matter, but the Constitution should not be taken for infallible, nor should it become a barrier to saving lives (least of all the lives of children).


      1. Sure….but you realize that a regulation that allows one to only own a shotgun for instance….isn’t technically banning ownership….but its the equivilant of a “free speech zone”. I hardly think that youd support the latter.

        And the Constitution is mot infallible, which is why there is the mechanism built in…to alter it.


  1. I’d support any model proven to save lives, of which there are many. The German model allows for multiple weapons under certain conditions and gun crime is very rare there.


  2. The uk brit wit says ban and confiscate all guns from law abiding citizens to save the fucking children . Sorry we do not trade our rights away cause doing so you will lose them all


    1. I wasn’t going to waste any further time with you but this comment made me laugh. I haven’t said ban all guns. Stop lying. I have merely pointed out that there are numerous other nations who have enacted various forms of gun control laws and that these laws are proven to work. The UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan all have different approaches to gun control (and control is NOT the same thing as a ban, so stop conflating the two), and all these nations have far fewer problems with gun violence. Children continue to die in US schools and nothing changes, whilst other countries have taken steps, proven to work, which have virtually eliminated this problem in their own borders. There are plenty of guns in Germany but without the regular mass shootings that occur in the US.


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