Breastfeeding Part 2

Since David of Theology Archaeology has declined to post rebuttals of his position (he has deleted them under the guise that they contribute nothing, which I suspect is code for ‘they didn’t agree with me’), I’m reproducing my comments here, so everyone can see precisely what he would not offer up a reply to.

I leave it to you, the reader, to decide who is distorting things.

8 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Part 2

  1. I always feel a little odd when guys start talking about breast feeding to be honest, it creeps me out a little,lol. It’s a pretty weird perspective to have that breast feeding is like this “evil thing” that women are doing on purpose. Breast feeding has been here long before Christianity was. Ancient Rome, breast milk was used for a lot of things. He does know he doesn’t have to look, right?

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    1. I don’t understand his ‘logic’ and he refused to address my comment, even deleting it, most likely because he has a choice – either acknowledge he’s wrong on this issue and deal with that, or hide behind his beliefs. Option A would involve a little soul-searching and perhaps a little internal questioning, and he’s not willing to do that.

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    2. You distort what was said and use faulty logic. Actually it wasn’t here before Christianity as both God and Jesus existed long before breastfeeding did. They do not change nor do their rules.

      Plus, men are the leaders of the church, it is their duty and responsibility to teach women right and wrong and work to make sure that women do not sin. Those that do not want to follow the rules and make up excuses to do as they please regardless of how others in society feel are both selfish and sinful


      1. You keep insisting other people are distorting things and yet you do not back up that assertion at any stage. You see everything through one singular lens, one that prevents you from considering whether what you class as ‘sin’ is actually so.


      2. So which rule says men are allowed to stare at a women breast feeding? What faulty logic. It’s only faulty, if it’s not real. Women breastfeeding before Christianity “existed”. You need to go back to the Medieval Ages. Your sort of thinking is not needed here anymore.

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