Alabama goes Mad

A woman who lost her unborn baby after she was shot is facing prosecution for placing her baby in harm’s way. Let that sink in whilst you read this.

If you’ve read the article and you’re a reasonable human being, you should feel disgusted. This ‘case’ brings into sharp focus the problems of racism, sexism and yet again, guns, in the Land of the Free. Someone brought a firearm to a discussion, and we have had many demonstrations as to why that is a bad idea in the first place. Regardless of who said what in the course of the argument, going as far as to shoot a pregnant woman should never be excusable, yet the shooter has gone free. Meanwhile, the victim in all this, the woman who lost her baby, is facing prosecution for putting her baby in harm’s way.

The argument from the prosecution is that a mother, a Ms Jones, should not have sought out an altercation with the shooter, one Ms Jemison. Of course, one Ms Jemison shouldn’t have been wandering around with a deadly weapon, and shooting someone because of an argument should seem like an awful way to settle things, least of all a pregnant someone. To then blame the victim (who apparently is not a victim to the police in this, probably because she’s black and a woman) is patently absurd.

If there was half as much energy into addressing racial inequality as there was into painting pictures like this, we’d be far better off.

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