Hanging by a thread

Wee Ginger Dug

We all ought to see by now the future that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson envisages for the UK. We are to become a cut-price USA, with lower wages and worse weather, but with the same lack of environmental protection, workers’ rights, and social security and health provision that Donald Trump wants to impose upon America. The NHS will be up for sale as the UK seeks a trade deal, food and evironmental standards will be trashed, employment insecurity will spread and worsen.

The post-war settlement, the social protections, free healthcare, education, state pensions, and the widening of opportunities which the older generations associate with British values are now no longer simply under threat. It’s far worse than that. The order of execution has already been decided upon by a government which is hell bent upon avoiding democratic scrutiny. Brexit was never about restoring the sovereignty of the British parliament…

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