A Great Day

Yesterday marked a double-blow to the double-act of Boris and Trump – with the leaders of the UK and USA both receiving some very bad news. Boris lost his Supreme Court case, meaning his move to prorogue Parliament and prevent MPs from sitting as we rapidly approach Brexit was ruled unlawful. In fact, the Court’s decision was unanimous – all eleven judges ruled against the Prime Minister.

This is, quite simply, great news. Johnson has been shown to be a liar, and also a repeat failure, when it comes to poltical leadership. His arrogance led to him lying to the Queen, and now it’s catching up with him. His determination to ram a no-deal Brexit down our throats has backfired miserably, he’s overseen the collapse of his government’s majority, and is now very much a lame duck. If he had any honour he’d resign, but I suspect he won’t go down without a fight, which means, once no-deal is firmly off the table, a General Election – possibly the most crucial election in decades. We’re battling for the hearts and minds of the nation. It’s a fight that anyone who cares for justice, equality and decency has to get involved in. I have my issues with Corybn’s Labour, but they’re a far more compassionate party.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Trump is finally going to face impeachment proceedings. The Democrat-controlled Congress will approve the motion and get the ball rolling on this, following Trump’s attempt to have a foreign power (Ukraine) investigate his most likely opponent, Joe Biden. That it’s taken this long to get these wheels into motion is frustrating, and the Republican-controlled Senate will attempt to block any such move, but nothing can stop Congress from at least starting this action. It’s embarrassing for Trump and hopefully, more than symbolic.

Let’s hope this pair of frauds and charlatans get their comeuppance!

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