7 thoughts on “An on-point message

  1. The simple solution is for actual American men to never have sex with the sorts of females who seem likely to favor abortion. You breed out the problem by not breeding with the problematical.


    1. Well since women will in general always have some need in some way shape or form to require abortions, it’s not something you can ‘breed out’. Women deserve better than to be dehumanised as mere females, and as incubators.


      1. True, but that can be handled by treating abortion as homicide in all ways. The latter part being something that people on my side of the fence sometimes forget or ignore – lending some weight to your hysterical ” dehumanised as mere females, and as incubators” reply.

        But still, I don’t think men should be willing to have sex with those sorts who seem to favor abortion. Not making it easy for them to breed WILL greatly reduce the number of children exposed to their beliefs.


      2. Well, treating abortion as homicide would be dishonest, not to mention disastrous for the women who require abortions on medical grounds, to save their lives. By suggesting homicide and abortion be equated as the same in all ways, you are admitting women are mere incubators.

        And since there will always be a requirement for abortion, especially as women are treated more fairly and equally in society, it’s not going anywhere, regardless of nonsensical breeding arguments.


    1. It’s not homicide, irrespective of what spin you place upon it. A woman has sovereignty over her own body and is not an incubator. You allow no provision for the impact upon a woman’s life and body, even in cases of rape (a terrible and traumatic event).

      You want to reduce instances of abortion? You can start by asking why countries with access to it have lower abortion rates than those that don’t. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-care/abortion-rates-go-down-when-countries-make-it-legal-report-n858476


  2. Reblogged this on Writing Radiation and commented:

    I really thought this argument was gonna go way differently when I read the first couple of sentences. Please read it all – it’s true.

    Also, if men want to be involved in decision-making around abortion, & they want to keep a pregnancy while the woman doesn’t, they’re welcome to carry the child themselves.

    Until then, anything anyone – male or female – says to a pregnant woman is an opinion. The ultimate decision lies with her. Suck it up. 😊

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