#WhyIDidn’tReport: Rapture Nightclub Doesn’t Care If Your Drink Is Spiked

Things Carla Loves

Imagine realising your drink has been spiked.

Imagine thinking that messaging the nightclub where it happened out of concern for yourself and other patrons.


Now, imagine you’re a dick who lacks empathy.

rapture response

You get Rapture Nightclub’s response.

Imagine you’re asked if you’re even WORTH being drugged.

Imagine that this comes after eight women were murdered by the hands of their partners last month.

Imagine all the fuckheads and cunts of the world screaming there’s no such thing as rape culture and it’s all just a feminist conspiracy.

And then, before you decide something, read the response from a Perth nightclub to a young girl.

Imagine if that was you.

Imagine, because you need women to relate to you for some of you to care, it was your little sister.

Your girlfriend.

Your wife.

Your big sister.

Your cousin.

Your friend.

Your daughter.

Imagine it’s you.

In Emergencies: 000

Lifeline Australia:…

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