Did he say *that*?

We have a serious suggestion from Donald Trump about injecting disinfectant to stop Covid-19. This comes from a man who barely knows anything about anything, and yet, you know people will listen to his mind-numbingly stupid suggestions. This kind of absurd, ignorant ‘help’ will cost people their lives. It’s the latest in a long line of insane statements from the idiot in chief, whose stupidity is matched only by his supporters. Please, do not listen to him. Follow the advice of medical professionals.

4 thoughts on “Did he say *that*?

  1. His supporters are flat out saying that he didn’t say that. Or that he knows what he was talking about, he just wanted the Left to take the bait, and then we did. I said “bait for what though? For us not too like him even more? It’s not really a smart, plan is it? He could just be sensible and do the right thing, and then we might even have liked him”lol. Trying to point out to them, at the same time, that it’s only Trump supporters who follow what he says and ends up killing them.

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