An Open Challenge

This one goes out to the cowardly trolls who’ve been trying to attack me on Twitter for the past couple of days. They seem to think juvenile insults from anonymous accounts is a new thing, yet when pressed to defend (or even define) their views, they evade, deflect, and ultimately, run away.

Perhaps @inspect_my would be able to explain why he’s hinting at anti-semitism here? (this was in response to an earlier question of his, asking if I were Jewish, which he has since deleted out of cowardice)

Maybe @wanderingmil can explain his homophobia?

Would @cat_fren care to explain their tacit support of @inspect_my’s anti-semitism?

Would any of them have the conviction to explain, as adults, what their positions are, and why anyone should take them seriously? Or will they confirm they’re cowards by running away?

Edit: already @inspect_my has blocked me on Twitter – which I will take as confirmation that they are too lacking in faith in their arguments to even make an argument.

Another one… will @skthemass be willing to defend his open sexism?

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