Asher, the MGTOW…

Recall some time ago a series of ‘discussions’ I had with a MGTOW (who ironically, wouldn’t go his own way) called Asher? He’s back, via Twitter, going by the name ‘Bryan’, and he is angrier than ever.

His latest ‘work’ has been to aggressively come at me on Twitter, repeating the same tired and easily countered arguments he made before.

Basically, he is complaining that bias towards women in custody battles is the fault of feminism. As usual, ‘Bryan’ doesn’t understand that the stereotypical gender roles he advocates for are the problem here. When called out on this, he switches to talking about masculinity, or rather, his very narrow, often self-destructive form of it.

I mean, at what point have I claimed, anywhere on this site, that men cannot show anger? We all get angry sometimes, and that includes with our loved ones. There’s a difference between a passionate conversation and flying into such a blind rage that you come off as intimidating and threatening.

This is the perfect case in point. No one is saying that Asher’s (sorry, ‘Bryan’s’) idea of a family is wrong. Some families work like that, some have both parents going to work, and sometimes the father is the stay-at-home parent. They are all valid forms of family structure. The problem arises when people like ‘Bryan’ insist their way is the only right way, then moan hypocritically as their way bites them in the ass (such as with custody battles). In a final act of denial, ‘Bryan’ then blames feminism for this, in a bout of misplaced fury.

To see this rage at work, take a look at some of the conversations ‘Bryan’ started on Twitter with women.

None of this surprises me. The awful sexism and misogyny on display are matched only by ‘Bryan’s’ historical racism, and other examples of his sexism.

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