The Slippery Slope Fallacy

This is the argument that A will always lead to B, despite a lack of coherent evidence or logic to support this. One of the most common forms of this fallacy in the public domain is the argument that legalising gay marriage will lead to the legalisation of other forms of relationship – particularly the disgusting notion that it will lead to paedophilia becoming acceptable.

This is the argument put forward by this article, which is in itself a prelude to this article.

Quite simply, A is not guaranteed to lead to B, especially where the safety of children is concerned. This is not the position of the LGBT community, despite several attempts to suggest homosexuality and paedophilia are linked. Children are not capable of giving consent, and no one will ever suggest they can.

7 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope Fallacy

  1. Well then Why have some connected to the LGBT been pushing for acceptance of MAP’s (Minor Attracted Persons) better known as pedophiles or Hebophiles . The lgbt is a ever expanding alphabet soup of ideals and identities.
    I am not for tying all gays or tans people to MAP’s but there is some overlap . In the minds of some the sexual degeneracy of gays or non traditional sexal activity has made it so pedophilia is more prevalent. I personally think sexual repression and some other trauma may lead to acts of pedo activity. Priests back in the day preyed upon young boys in church but I doubt the feminist horde takes many issues with it since it mainly involves male victims .
    As we know male victims matter much less than female “victims” even more so if the male was a victim of sexual assault or rape by a woman see all the female teachers raping young students getting a free pass by feminists on average. Or cases of female juvenile detention guards raping young males under their guarding. Hell I can go on about that female insane cunt who raped her ex boyfriend at the threat of a machete. She was only given time in a mental hospital . change the genders around and you feminist types would be calling for his execution or castration .


    1. No one who is genuinely a part of the LGBT message would ever push for the acceptable of paedophilia. Your notion is exactly the kind of misleading distortion that unfairly conflates LGBT with that. There are paedophiles who prey on the opposite sex, so does that mean we should tie hetrosexuality to paedophilia? No one would even think of such a connotation, yet it’s apparently fair game to make such a misleading claim with LGBT.

      As for the second part of your post, that’s just more of your usual crap. Do you ever get tired of posting crap?


      1. I will stop posting when it stops being factual. Male victims are ignored and or mocked by feminists and society at large . Only women can be victims of anything and be taken more seriously. Sometimes even if a lack of evidence exists . glad you condone the matchte cunt raping her ex and getting off lightly


  2. I will give some leeway and say the ones who say they part of the lgbt community and still push for acceptance of MAP’s as another sexual identity could be trolls . All MAP’s even non offending ones should be given the long goodbye . Anyone condoning or defending proven MAP’s are evil and even lower in my view than a feminist and you know how much I detest you people.


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