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The Radical Post

It came at a time when the world is at a crossroad, humanity becoming scared. Love ones gone and never to return, hopes being shattered. Life becomes peculiar, wishes pending acceptance, problems remained unsolved .

Life but, teaches us a lesson, friends gave us love and love gives us belonging and self actualization. See, It wasn’t lost on me, neither was it a surprise when curropt public officials breached their oath of office; when people (The culprits) cannot be trusted by there own and when corruption is literally the order of the day. You either have to join the system or otherwise be kicked out. But for the question, that keeps me on my toes, yet can’t find an answer to is, who is a corrupt official?
Why is the unacceptable (corruption) normalized in the system?

We live in a world, yet at a moment where so much unoriginal people…

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