George Floyd and the Eruption of Anger

Whatever the reasoning, it’s hard to imagine why police officer Derek Chauvin felt the need to keep his knee pressed hard against George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes, even after Floyd had stopped being responsive. What possible justification can there be for this? At what stage is this anything other than brutality?

It is a relief that Mr Chauvin has finally been arrested and charged with murder, with the case initially seeming like it wouldn’t get that far. Serious questions must be raised though. Would we have expected such a scene with a white person in George Floyd’s shoes? Probably not. Why did none of the other cops at the scene intervene, especially as Floyd’s pleas became more desperate?

In response to this there has been an explosion of anger, across the USA. The looting and violence cannot be condoned, but I can certainly understand it – peaceful protests are met with derision, and have achieved little to change the on-going narrative of different approaches from police, depending on a person’s skin colour. What happened to George Floyd was not an isolated incident – it’s part of a systemic failure to tackle institutionalised racism, and until that problem is tackled, angry responses are going to continue.

4 thoughts on “George Floyd and the Eruption of Anger

  1. There’s absolutely no reason for what happened. None at all. And yes, I doubt a white man would’ve had a knee on his neck like that. Mr. Floyd was on the ground, hands cuffed behind his back. Even if he wanted to jump up and take off running, kinda hard to do that with your hands behind your back and starting from the laying down position. Even so, he’d get maybe two feet before they’d knock him down again.

    And what’s stupidest of all is there was no reason to “keep him subdued” like that. They were a foot away from a freaking police car. If it was about keeping him subdued so as to take him into custody, why didn’t one of the three other officers open the freaking police car door and get him in there?

    This is as senseless as Zimmerman. There’s a thousand reasons why this should never have happened…and the guy had at least eight minutes to make probably a dozen other decisions, but nope–hands in pockets, knee on neck. He needs the book thrown at him. And no department–when they have footage like this–should ever just fire the officer, they should slap the cuffs on the second they hand him his pink slip. Why it took days to charge him was ridiculous. Hell, you can hold him on one charge… take some time to review and add others. They do it to civilians all the time, don’t they?

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    1. There’s so many double-standards at work now that I’ve lost count of how many. If there is a public display of justice done, it might calm things down. Certainly it’s way past time for action to be taken again cops who murder.

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