When is Justice not Justice – P2

Further to an on-going conversation with David of Theology Archaeology (a conversation which is going nowhere), I felt the need to address his last reply to me on a particular post of his. It is unlikely he will allow further comments through, but he cannot stop me from passing comment here, so here goes. Firstly, his comment:

I posted this last comment because it is typical of the distortion BLM, democrats and other anti government anti Christian people bring to any discussion. They just keep repeating the incident hoping it will change things but all it proves is that they are not interested injustice nor do they know what a crime is.

They only want their selfish way and refuse to acknowledge that their side is committing crimes as well as crimes against the police. Then they paint every police officer with the same brush displaying no sense of fairness, justice or sense of reality.

These people do not want to live under the government’s rules, they want to usurp authority and establish their own rules forcing others to live under them. They are just evil and do not have God with them.

Discussion is impossible as that author doesn’t get it that the police do not administer justice and that justice for that man will only come if the police are tried, fairly, honestly, with justice. God does the condemning I do not.

Then the author of that post sweeps the deaths of innocent policeman under the rug. He calls it a distraction and refuses to demand justice for them. He is as hypocritical as the bullies of the democrats, BLM and similar organizations are. Then calls me dishonest ha ha ha ha ha.

David likes to use the word ‘distortion’ a lot but never actually defines what’s being distorted, even when pressed to do so. Instead, his post is full of unwitting irony.

Firstly, David likes to make blanket, sweeping statements. He assumes every protester is a rioter. He assumes because I won’t fall for his distraction (RE violence against police) that I am all for violence against police, even though I’ve made it clear to him, several times, I do not condone the violence and the looting. I have merely said that I understand it, something David does not even attempt to do.

He claims I do not know what a crime is – David does not appear to know the difference between an allegation of a crime and an actual conviction; nor is he prepared to acknowledge that what happened to George Floyd was a failure of justice. I pointed out to him (and I quote) Even *if* Floyd were guilty of deliberately using counterfeit currency, what happened to him wasn’t right. You can remain silent on that, and just tells me you are not really interested in justice. You know full well no justice was served to Floyd, and yet you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge that. David has chosen not to address this point, and that speaks volumes.

For someone who speaks of God’s rules, I can only wonder what God’s rules say about choking someone (who is clearly no threat) to death over a counterfeit note, without giving that person due process. I can only wonder why anyone be afraid to actually say this is wrong, and hide behind their faith as an excuse to avoid commenting.

Everything else is a distraction, a diversion. He speaks of bullies and selfishness, yet he asks us to support Donald Trump, bully-in-chief. A deceitful, misogynistic bigot, leading a party of largely the same. That again, speaks volumes.

4 thoughts on “When is Justice not Justice – P2

  1. Wow, the accusations are flying high here. I have never assumed that all protesters are rioters or looters but their silence on those activities undermine their protests. Also, their failure to bring real justice to the issue and demands to defund the police just makes them bullies who are trying to usurp authority and push their ways onto others who disagree with them. In other words, the situation remains the same, the targets are different.

    The author of that post still does not understand what crime is or how justice is applied. He seems to be under the impression that cops provide the justice when that is not the case. Protesting does not bring justice especially when the protesters do not practice it themselves.

    All protests can do is bring attention to the issue and create a discussion to see if the protesters have a point. At this time they ruined their chances by their own actions and letting others be violent. The above author continues to distort the issue knowing full well that the point he raises is just an excuse to act in a harmful manner against innocent people.

    His silence on the killing and injuring of innocent people, including innocent cops, and the destruction of property that the protesters do not own is saying more than his words in defence of that man spreading counterfeit money. He seems to think it is okay to harm people not involved in the issue and that is wrong and destroys his argument.

    Accusing President Trump of crimes he did not commit only furthers to expose his real agenda. He does not like other people’s rules and will rebel against them calling them nasty names just because he can. He further proves that he has no real answers to the issue and he should refrain from saying anything.

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    1. Please David. You’ve repeatedly lumped in peaceful protesters with violent rioters. You have consistently failed to draw a distinction between them. It is not without irony that you repeatedly claim I am silent on the killing of police, when I have made it clear, several times, that I do not condone such behaviour, nor violence or looting. Meanwhile, you cannot bring yourself to say the same about the deaths of black people at the hands of police. I have never claimed that cops dispense justice (you are inventing claims here), I am fully aware they do not – though some take it upon themselves to do so (and please, note I do not claim ‘all’, despite the unreasonable spin you place upon my posts.

      In your reply to Lolsy, you mention that George Floyd’s death might have been an accident. Do you think Chauvin ‘accidently’ knelt on his neck for eight minutes, and accidentally ignored his pleas? Do you think it was by accident that Chauvin continued to kneel on Floyd’s neck, even after Floyd became unconscious? No hiding behind lines like ‘it’s up to the courts to decide’. You must have an opinion, why won’t you share it?

      You have not been able to bring yourself to criticise the treatment of George Floyd, and you are hiding behind your faith to avoid doing so. I will ask again, though I do not expect an answer – was what happened to him justice? Even if he were guilty of any crime, was his death the correct punishment for using counterfeit currency? Your refusal to condemn what happened to him is no different to you accusing me of failing to condemn violence against police, with the difference being that I’ve never condoned violence, and made that point abundantly clear, whereas you remain silent whether or not what happened to Floyd was actually justice.

      Your claim I am silent on the violence rioters carry out is a flat lie. You are well aware I’ve never condoned it, so once again you are being dishonest David.

      Your defence of Trump is typical of extremist evangelicals. The man is an adulterer. This isn’t a crime, and I never claimed it was, but do you think it’s a good Christian trait? There are dozens of of claims of sexual assault and his ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ remark is evidence of his misogyny. He was a proponent of the dishonest, easily disproven ‘birther’ idea surrounding Obama’s place of birth. He’s tweeted falsehoods about black Americans. There is the infamous Central Park Jogger case, where Trump insisted that evidence be ignored and that the five ultimately wrongly imprisoned non-white people were still guilty of rape, despite the evidence proving otherwise.

      He considers Kim Jong-Un, who we can surely agree is a vile dictator, to have a great and beautiful vision for North Korea. He paid off an adult film star to keep quiet about an affair. Hardly the action of a good and noble Christian. If you are prepared to turn a blind eye to all his faults and lies, that speaks volumes.


  2. I find the problem with religion, is that it can lead people to do truly beautiful things…But then, it can lead people to do horrible things too. It really truly is mind blowing, how they just ignore what they want too. Then accuse you of doing what they are actually doing. You could literally copy and paste your comment about not agreeing with those who loot, at least a thousand times. He still wont listen or believe you.
    I was talking to this woman on twitter today, who was having a go at Ron Perlman, about being “Hollywood” and a B list actor. How actors should stay out of politics. The weird things is, as you probably know. Trump is wannabe Hollywood. He’s literally reality tv. The even funnier thing was, she’s a reality tv star too, and had “Actress” in her bio. It’s almost like something is literally blinding them. They really can’t see it.
    Everything that “David of Theology Archaeology” stands for is the EXACT opposite of Christianity, well, what I think it’s supposed to be. Even if you did an “eye for an eye”. No way is counterfeit money (even if it’s true) on the same level, that he should be murdered for it!

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    1. it isn’t religion that leads people to do awful and sinful things. You forget that there is an evil entity in this world that has a lot of influence over people when they do not have Jesus protecting them.

      I am not sure about most of your comment so I will skip down to the counterfeit issue. The man was not given a capital punishment sentence by a judge who found him guilty of a crime. he was killed, by a police officer for whatever thought he had in his head at the time. It could have been an accident or it could have been on purpose.

      Too many people are assuming the latter and condemning all police officers for the action of one. That is wrong. That is why we have a system in most governments that handle all these activities and if you have a system, innocent until proven guilty, then you should abide by it.

      As for actors, athletes and other arm chair quarterbacks, everyone thinks they are an expert on law enforcement but a minute few know what they are talking about. They should either shut up or tell the protesters, etc., to stop breaking the law and use the system. if they want to be treated right then they have to treat others correctly.

      As for Christianity, my stand is simple, Jesus is very inclusive. He accepts everyone. The only requirement is that they repent of and give up their sins. They also must stop pursuing a sinful life and ask Jesus to help them live a holy life that God commanded his followers to live.

      Christianity does not automatically side with a victim and condemn others. It looks for the truth, asks God for help in finding the right justice and implements that


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