6-3 – An LGBT Win!

One can only wonder at how the conservative right in the USA will react as the dust settles on an historical ruling by the Supreme Court, which voted – comfortably – to make dismissing someone for being part of the LGBT spectrum illegal. It’s a long overdue move, one made possible, in part, by a Trump appointee to the Supreme Court (I know, it shocked me as well). In a year marked by bitterness and pain, this is a light in the darkness.

5 thoughts on “6-3 – An LGBT Win!

  1. I highly doubt that many non evangelical Trump supporters give a damn toss over this ruling . Yes sexual orientation / identity should be protected same with political, religion and race protection. I will ask would you fire a person if you found out they support more right wing causes or the shock and horror if they voted for Trump … At least if you had a company in America .


    1. I reckon quite a few Trump supporters will be upset because their fuhrer will be upset… But I would not fire someone for right-wing beliefs – unless they were going out on Nazi rallies and such, in which case they would have no business working for me. What about you, would you fire someone for holding left wing views?

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      1. long as they were not violent antifa BLM socialist then no if yes I’d have to as to not fund terrorist groups. Also FYI Trump was the first president that was pro gay marriage and rights before he was elected. but hey can’t let the truth inform you against your irrational hate for Trump or Trump supporters . Before you bring up the trans military ban sorry but gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and people can be rejected based of that as well as having a list of other disorders


      2. Trump-appointed Supreme Court judges would have been expected to follow the line of the conservative religious right. They did not. I can’t imagine Trump or his followers being pleased!

        And being anti-trans hardly marks Trump out as a supporter of LGBT rights.


  2. I have to be honest, I was shocked that this wasn’t already a thing. Your sexuality doesn’t make you a good or bad person, or worker. The one who always springs to mind is Milo Yiannopoulos. Gay, but a really terrible person. If I had Milo working for me, I would definitely fire him and it has nothing to do with his homosexuality. He’s just a horrible person and I wouldn’t want someone like that representing me.

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