Modern Slavery and False Equivalence

Yet again we have an example of false equivalence from the religious right, on the topic of slavery and abortion. Paul of Blogging Theology has conflated the two, suggesting that we shouldn’t complain about slavery whilst approving of abortion.

The two are not particularly comparable fields. One concerns forcing people to do the bidding of others, often against their will, with little or no reward. The other concerns bodily autonomy for half of the human race, something the religious right seems scared of. I left a comment – one I know won’t be published – describing the argument, which I share below.

EDIT: Paul has actually posted my comment. I am pleasantly surprised.

Not that you will have the courage or conviction to post this comment, but you are indeed committing a fallacy. Slavery is about the ownership of people forcing them to do what you want. It could be argued that the anti-choice position is closer to modern slavery, as it represents the desire to force women (half of the population) to do what others want, irrespective of the harm it might cause.

So in an ironic way, you could say being anti-choice is the endorsement of a form of slavery. A form which involves denying half the population the right to self-determination.

8 thoughts on “Modern Slavery and False Equivalence

  1. I doubt you will post this but I think both abortion and Slavery are morally wrong . Slavery is a horrible act that not only impacted blacks but also Whites Arabs as well as many tribes in Africa still practice slavery . Abortion is immoral in the fact it is killing a life so it is seen as murder by most . only time I can condone to some extent abortion is in case of rape or incest . In other cases better options exist . Hell people engaging in sex should have the conversation about what they will do if a accidental pregnancy happens . If they disagree on the next action or if one of them ie the guy wants no part of raising a kid with that woman they should not have sex period . Doing that would limit the amount of abortions . I do not advocate forcing anyone into becoming a parent against their will. Long as Abortion remains legal on the federal level . Men should also be given a legal opt out choice before birth of the child. Or in cases where the mother refuses to tell the man he is the father he can opt out legally at that point if he wants. Women who want to keep a child and the father wants no part have a few choices 1 care for the child on her own . 2 Put it up for adoption if she can not afford to keep it without federal assistance . 3 if she tells the man before it is at the cut off point in her state for abortion she can make the choice to abort . No person should be forced to be a parent in a legal sense. On a social level continued pressure to discourage both abortion and the man walking away aka financial abortion. Her body her choice okay His wallet his choice as well

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    1. By now Asher, it should be pretty clear that I will post your comments, because I am not afraid of you or your arguments.

      Leaving aside your arguments about parental rights (I would point out that banning abortions means you force a woman to become a parent against their will though, which is rather ironic given what you say about not forcing that upon people), the original point was the false comparison of slavery to abortion. Being against abortion is actually a form of slavery; forcing women to have babies against their will to satisfy someone else’s beliefs is very much a form of slavery.

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      1. Do you not read ? I did not call for it to be banned out right . It is federally legal and will likely remain that way. I do not want to force my moral standard on others unlike people who use religion / dogma to force their views on others. Both the Religious right and feminist far left use similar tactics to try a put their moral on others. If we are to be legally equal men as well as women should have a option to opt out. that goes beyond my moral conviction. Just because I an many others from a broad spectrum of different beliefs think abortion is not a thing to be celebrated. Unlike some feminists who shout their abortions as if they were a good thing. Or other who think even very late term abortions should be allowed , When even more extreme cases feminist advocate aborting all male babies. Part of me thinks that is very sexist and wrong. The other part is like maybe that is a good thing as the males would not be abused and indoctrinated into hatting their own gender like I was forced too. Just because something like abortion is legal does not make it moral to do so .


      2. I wonder Asher, if your comprehension skills need work? After all, you have not comprehended that the original argument I was rebuking was concerning the conflation of slavery with abortion. The two are obviously not one and the same, and conflating them is obviously unreasonable.


      3. I never said they were the same . Only thing in common they have is both are wrong on a moral level . One is still legal in America the other is only legal in very shitty backwards places. Abortion is still legal murder. Hell if you people think abortion is not murder and still think if a person causes injury to a pregnant woman that person should be charged with murder of a unborn child. The hypocrisy in that is wrong. Charge the person with assault sure . But you people think unborn babies are not a human life.Unless it can be used to imprison a man .


      4. You certainly didn’t seem to comprehend the original argument, or the rebuttal to it, when you span off on your usual tangent. You call abortion murder – I would suggest treating half the population as nothing more than incubators is worse.


      5. See keep pushing your moral standard upon others. They are not just incubators they have a few other good uses.. You seem okay with forcing men to pay for children they do not want while the mother does want them. To me that is more similar to actual slavery .


      6. Whereas you don’t push your standards upon others?? You have made it abundantly clear that you feel women are inferior and shouldn’t be allowed half the rights they currently have.


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