Another Reason for Black Lives Matter

Yet again, there has been the needless shooting of a black man in the USA, by the very people who should be protecting lives, instead of taking them. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back as he climbed into his car, and his crime? He tried to break up a fight.

No doubt certain quarters will play up the riots that took place afterwards, as angry people took to the streets to vent their anger and frustrating at this on-going failure of police forces across America to apply an even hand. I obviously do not condone rioting and destruction of property, but as I have said before, I can understand it. I know why people are angry, because this narrative is one which has played out many, many times before. When will it become an element of history, looked back with sadness but also with the knowledge that it is history?


2 thoughts on “Another Reason for Black Lives Matter

  1. No one needs the BLM movement, they are a hate-filled group that seeks to usurp authority and establish their own misguided agenda that hurts more people than it helps. They also take advantage of a couple of deaths to further their very wrong goals. They say nothing about black on black crime but focus on the very organization that enforces the laws of the land and keeps them from committing more illegal acts.
    They have no interest in justice, fairness, or a lack of discrimination and want their rules followed over the Bible’s and the Constitutions of the world.


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