Trump and Respect

We’re meant to believe that Trump loves and respects the men and women of the US military. Why then, do we have this report? Trump refused to visit a war cemetery in France in 2018, blaming both the weather and the refusal of the Secret Service to take him. It now transpires (and it can’t be taken as gospel, but it would hardly be out of character for him) that Trump’s concerns were for his hair, and he lacked interest in honouring American war dead. He is alleged to have said the graves were filled with ‘losers’, and referred to marines killed in Belleau Wood as ‘suckers’.

If true, this would not be the first time Trump has made disparaging remarks about soldiers. He was scathing of the late John McCain for being captured in Vietnam and got into a spat with the parents of killed soldier Humayun Khan. His record speaks of a man who genuinely cannot understand why someone might be prepared to make sacrifices for something other than their own interests. I have read more than once that we’re supposed to view Trump and his complicit Republicans as good, even Godly people, yet their actions betray their true values. A vote for Trump is a vote for a selfish fraud.

3 thoughts on “Trump and Respect

  1. Considering Dump’s grandfather was a draft-dodger, too, and his father knew and cared nothing about current events away from his business or bank account… yeah, the disrespect isn’t that surprising. But you would’ve hoped being shoved off to a military academy would’ve instilled some kind of patriotism in him.

    However, according to Mary Trump, the only thing he learned was that it was good to be the one giving the orders, because he hated taking them. And yet, having been in a subservient position in that place, you’d think he might’ve remembered some of what it was like to have to take orders and do what was needed. But I dunno how military schools are run and even less about how they’re run when richer kids get dumped there… clearly no sense of solidarity came out of Dump’s experience, though, or no sense of empathy.

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