Freedom and Self-Determination

Recently a law was passed in Poland that to the religious right no doubt appears to be a huge win, and to anyone capable of any empathy, a crushing loss. New laws have been passed regarding abortion, laws that will force women to give birth to children who will only live for a few hours or days, due to abnormalities. There have already been huge protests across Poland as a result.

Poland already has strict abortion laws, laws which prove a point – abortion rates do not go down in countries with strict laws – women instead seek them out through other means, often dangerous ones.

Women have the right to self-determination and are not incubators. Forcing them to give birth knowing full well they will have to watch their babies die is cruel, but unfortunately an indication of how life is truly valued by the religious right. There is not really a pro-life movement – once the child is born, they simply do not care.

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