A Blue Wave

The United States of America is at a crossroads. Four years of bluster, arrogance and incompetence are set to be judged at the polls, however the US political machine is a strange one, and the electorate is easily polarised. Partisan politics and deeply entrenched positions mean many of those who voted for Trump four years ago will do so again, if only to stop Biden. Kneejerk reactions are more common than thoughtful, considered analysis of who to vote for and why.

America cannot afford another four years of this man. Nor can the world.

Biden and his Democrats aren’t perfect by any means, but the doubling-down regarding Trump and his abhorrent behaviour, lack of ideals, and the excuses made for him by the miscreants in the Republican Party reeks of wilful ignorance. I’m firmly of the belief that anyone with any reasonable sense of right and wrong wouldn’t vote for Trump, and I urge anyone who is undecided to look at the state of America right now. Nearly 230,000 Americans have died because of Trump’s poor response to Covid-19. The economy is suffering. The people are suffering. This is Trump’s legacy – one of failure. It can be brought to an end on Tuesday. Please, end it.

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