The True Face of Right-wing Hypocrisy

This is what’s happening at Capitol Hill in the USA as of tonight:

Armed Trump supporters, having heard Trump himself state he will never concede the election, have stormed the building and forced the formality of Biden’s victory to be postponed. Had this been BLM even looking like storming a government building, armed police would have leapt into action. Instead we have a hard-right bunch of MAGA lunatics given, at least for the moment, free reign.

They have been emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric, and in the process they are subverting democracy itself. America had long championed itself as a bastion of democracy, and now, because of the right (who have long spoken of how they stand against the ‘socialism’ agenda of the left), that bastion is visibly disintegrating.

The current President is behaving like a tantrum-throwing toddler, and his supporters have taken that as a cue to do likewise. This is Trump’s legacy, the legacy of right-wing populism, and a shameful display.

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