‘Men are more Expendable than Women…’

I was browsing the Feminism tag of WordPress, as I sometimes do, and I stumbled upon an interesting site with several articles worth critiquing, however the one that I’ll be looking at right now is ‘Men Want to Serve‘, that you can read for yourself here. This post’s title is a snippet from that article. All will become clear… let’s start with some of the opening material.

My primary issue with feminism, among hundreds, is that feminism is a female-supremacist movement while inexplicably pretending to stand for equality. We already have a word for fairness and equality: Humanism. It’s no coincidence that feminism is separate from humanism.

Most men have no problem with this fact: Men were designed by nature to be servants – the servants of their loved ones, namely their kids and the mother of their kids. It is not society that made us this way, it is Mother Nature herself. We are meant to be servants for the simple reason that we do not give birth. This also makes us more expendable than women, but that fact doesn’t bother us, naturally.

Couple of things. Humanism as a substitute for feminism is something I’ve encountered before. It’s all well and good to say this is a better approach, but the point of feminism is to address the inequality between men and women. It’s not about supremacy.

Also, men as servants? In what sense? Historically men have ruled and women have been the servants. Men have reaped the rewards of work and the world, and women haven’t. When women were first allowed into the workplace it was with lower pay (and in many cases this remains true). Men still hold most of the positions of power and authority in the world. It’s because women give birth that they are expected to be the caregivers and homemakers, whilst men do what they please.

Men, expendable? Well, speaking as a man, I would not consider myself expendable to my family unit. I have a role to play at home, as well as at work. I don’t consider myself expendable because I made some sperm once and therefore fulfilled my procreational duties (see the paragraph below, taken from a different-but-related article).

Whether anyone says it out loud or not, it still remains obvious that many people believe men are not needed anymore apart from their sperm. As hilariously untrue as that is, there are still far too many people who believe it. From depicting every man on TV as a buffoon, to mothers destroying their own families en masse because they arrogantly believe they are the only parent their child needs, it is quite obvious how people feel about men these days.

I’m not particularly aware of anyone who believes men are not needed, aside from perhaps some women who have been abused and hurt to the point where their pain drives their opinions (and who can blame them?). Most men are not depicted as buffoons (some, like Donald Trump, choose to act like buffoons), and I think most people would agree that a child benefits from having both parents around (though many women end up being single parents through zero fault of their own, and do a damn fine job raising their kids and working).

There’s also a measure of irony here. The author (Michael, I presume) rallies against this mythical belief that society sees men as expendable, yet promotes the idea that men should be the hunter/gather, the soldier, the hero, and therefore the one taking all the risks and facing all the danger.

Men exist to serve. Period.

It is the entire purpose for being male, when you think about it. Since we’re not built to produce more humans from our bellies, we evolved to do pretty much everything else. That’s why men are better at almost everything else. For tens of thousands of years, we had to be able to control our emotions, we had to be stronger physically and mentally, and most importantly, we had to be the ones willing to sacrifice our time, our health, and our lives.

I find this to be rather curious. If men are stronger mentally, how is it that Donald Trump been an erratic danger to his own country, and how is it that the bumbling cretin Boris Johnson is Prime Minister in the UK? If men are better at emotional control, how come men commit more acts of violence against women than women do against men? In fact, why do men commit more violent crime period?

There’s more, but it’s late and tackling Michael’s rather lengthy article takes juice I don’t have when I face a long day tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “‘Men are more Expendable than Women…’

  1. Any woman who wants a partner to serve them, they’re not feminists and they’re probably an abuser, or at the very least a narcissist. Women tend to abuse partners more with mental and emotions, rather than physical. Because men don’t tend to be stronger mentally that way. That’s why men’s suicide rate has been always higher than women. And that a lot of toxic masculinity is based on proving how physically strong you are, because other’s teach that boy that emotions are girly. It’s toxic, because they don’t learn to “harness” their emotions, and beat others up instead.

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