I’m quite comfortable in saying that politically and economically I lean to the left. I have little tolerance for the extreme wealth-hoarding that’s become possible under the intense capitalist systems around the world, nor am I a friend of the populist practices that chain us to these systems. The rich get richer, even in times of desperate strife, and the poor get forgotten. I recently learned that if Jeff Bezo, chief of Amazon, were on an hourly rate, he’d be earning 4 and half million dollars per hour. That is 157 times the average yearly Amazon wage, in an hour.

Now, Bezos does not directly earn that kind of money – shares, stock etc ties up some of it, however his earnings are still well beyond what his employees can ever hope to reach. Nor is Bezos alone in this heavily skewed situation. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others earn astonishing sums of money, whilst the people who work for them don’t. In the USA this manifests in how millions of Americans have to choose between paying extortionate medical bills (a consequence of privatising the healthcare service) and paying rent, because doing both is impossible. In the UK we’ve seen a frightening surge in the use of foodbanks, as a direct consequence of a decade of Tories looking after the rich who line their pockets, at the expense of the poorest elements of society.

This post has come about because of a conversation over at another site, where Asher has been extolling the virtues of capitalism. He argues it is a system that if implemented properly, would allow for equality of opportunity – but such a system can never allow for equality of opportunity. He assumes a level playing field, which isn’t the case. It never was and never will be.

This is not to say that I advocate for a full-blown communist regime. History has many examples of how they’ve failed. Communism invariably fails. Human nature precludes it from succeeding. However, the kneejerk reaction of right-wingers is to assume any move to the left (such as nationalised healthcare, abolishing student loans etc) is to implement Soviet-style communism. Any mention of a compassionate idea is shot down by McCarthyism-style scare-mongering. The idea of helping people – truly helping – is for some reason anathema to the right, despite the numerous proclamations from the deeply religious conservative right about God’s love and the virtues of Jesus. Dare to suggest that truly helping those in poverty might involve more than asking people to donate to foodbanks and suddenly you’re an evil Commie.

I’m not saying hand out money for nothing. I am not saying I want everyone to be handed everything they want on a silver platter. In an ideal world, we’d all want for nothing, we’d all have a roof over our head, food in our bellies and love in our hearts. I realise the world is not like that. It could be, one day, if we are prepared to work for it, one step at a time. We’ll never get there whilst hoarding wealth is seen as the peak of society, and helping the impoverished is treated as unholy.

20 thoughts on “Fairness

  1. Your post screams Hur dur CaPiTaLiSm evil . Hey lets all attack and murder then steal the wealth of anyone making over 100k a year that will solve everything . Fucking Socialist types


  2. Pay people what their labor is worth . If you are low skilled you get paid very low sorry but improve your skill set or prove your worth via loyalty to a company. I employ people to help me I pay them what I feel they are worth usually $9 to $10 per hr sometimes more hell my Tractor Mechanic is paid $40 an hr for things I cant fix on my own. I will always oppose full bore Communist style systems and eliminating private health insurance . I can compromise very basic level emergency care health coverage break a bone or have a accident fine if you have no insurance you will get bare basic care . No meds outside hospital stay unless you pay for them. Making everyone get shittier healthcare and super long wait times ie Canadian healthcare and UK healthcare systems. Socialized healthcare is a tragic system . You nor anyone are entitled to another person’s labor or income for free. Medical advancement never come from Countries with Socialised medicine. Drug companies and Doctors work hard and deserve to be paid for their work as they have very specialized skills in Socialism they are paid next to nothing and have to whore themselves out to make ends meet.


    1. You clearly have zero idea of publicly funded health care services, nor are you aware of how actually paying staff a decent living wage can be benefit to both employee *and* employer.


      1. Eye roll yes have no private option only gov funded healthcare and if you have the wrong politics they can say oh well you voted wrong so you get 0 help . I know of many of the shortcomings from the Canadian healthcare system. Wait 6 months to 1 year or more to see a specialist or get a MRI . You want that made the standard and make healthcare providers forced to give their labor away for free. Healthcare is not a human right you are not entitled to have a doctor or nurse save you. I have 0 compassion for communism and the extreme taxes that go with it. Do you like paying a 30% or more tax on income and or 20% tax on sales . That is the bare min to fund a large scale public option health care system in America . 350 PLUS million citizen then throw in 20million illegals your ilk wants to also get free healthcare. So ask you again what percentage of my income labor or wealth do you feel others are entitled too? 60% 90% leaving me nothing that I worked for your ilk is simply jealous of those who worked hard and either built companies or just gained the skills need not to be in poverty . Strip all wealth away from those who built or worked for it for some utopian idea of a world with out scarcity. Resources are not infinite stop thinking we can tax ourselves into utopia


      2. You have once again mangled my points, in favour of massively misrepresenting them. The Japanese healthcare system is far fairer than the US system, that often sees people crippled by medical expenses. Life expectancy is far higher. Spain’s healthcare system is heavily nationalised and guess what? Life expectancy is far higher than in the US. Here in the UK life expectancy is greater than in the USA. The US infant mortality rate is more than twice that of Japan’s, double that of Spain’s and higher than the UK’s.

        This is the tip of the iceberg Asher. Your claims, which you have not substantiated, relate to ONE country, whereas there are plenty of examples of nationalised healthcare working far better than the expensive, often financially devastating US system. Healthcare IS a human right, or would be to anyone who actually has a heart. The idea that providing treatment and care should be entirely dependent on the size of their bank balance is a uniquely American problem, and one that causes huge problems, especially for those who are already struggling. I am not surprised in the slightest that you are not interested in a system that shows compassion; nor does it surprise me to see you falsely equate compassion with communism.


  3. I oppose pretty much every government entitlement program be that SSI Welfare , Snap, EBT . I think Politicians are overpaid puppets for lobbyist groups. Only Government program I have any respect for is national defense be that border security, police , ICE, military and national guard . All of the rest I pretty much do not have any love or faith in. Government just wastes money that is true for any government. The system is corrupt to the core . All govs need heavy reforms . They need to really be for and by the people they are supposed to serve. We differ on what is right and wrong we both see flaws in the system we see things from 2 different side you a far left feminist side wanting equity not equality . I see things for a self reliance leave me the fuck alone to live as I like side . I am Pro NAP , I am Pro right leaning Populism . I am not on the side of religious conservatives . Censorship is something I hate . I think as long as you are not causing harm or stealing from others in a real sense the system should let you be to either succeed or fail on your own merit. Freedom matters most


    1. You keep falsely placing me into the far-left camp, so I can only assume, given your previous statements, that you ARE in the far-right camp half the time. Wanting to see a fairer society does not equate to wanting a USSR-style system. Wanting to see people treated equally doesn’t mean I favour free handouts. You have repeatedly misjudged me and my arguments Asher. When will you actually read and absorb the words I’m writing?


  4. I place you in the far left camp aka communist camp because of the things you advocate . You advocate getting rid of Private insurance, You advocate massive wealth redistribution via high taxes on anyone who works. You advocate for very bias in females favor laws . You advocate killing every small business with mandatory $15per hr minimum wage no matter skill level … Oh wait you likely want women paid $30 min and men only get $15 (notice the joke) . You want wide open borders for America . You want a democrat mono party rule . You think you should dictate to other countries how they should run things base on your personal morality . I am i favor of letting people live succeed or fail based on their choices . I am pro freedom you are pro control and protection .


    1. Where have I advocated for the massive distribution of wealth? People like Bezos could still be extremely rich and pay their workers a better, decent wage. Amazon would not be crippled by such an exercise, and nor would most businesses, big or small. There’s plenty of evidence for companies that pay their staff more doing better, as productivity goes up, staff turnover goes down etc.

      Where have I said ‘get rid of private insurance’? Private and public healthcare co-exist here in the UK. If you can afford private health cover go for it – if not, you aren’t going to be destroyed financially by the unchecked greed that you so gleefully support.

      Where have I advocated for the law to be biased towards women? You only claim this as you argue women should know their place and should be subservient to men.

      You think you’re in favour of freedom? You’re really not, not if you are slaved to the idea that unchecked capitalism is a good thing. You have allowed yourself to believe that truly helping people with more than token gestures is somehow reprehensible. You strangely believe that letting people fail includes forcing people to choose between a debilitating illness and paying rent (as if people choose to get sick). You’re not pro-freedom, and I am not pro-control. Stop kidding yourself.

      I’ll give you one chance to demonstrate you can actually accurately understand my positions, and demonstrate why they’re somehow bad. If you can manage that without the rhetoric, bluster and outright lies, you may continue to have your comments posted. If you can’t, go run to your own site.


  5. Darth Timon, the only legitimate definition of the word fairness comes from the Dictionary. What is truly laughable is when people who pay nothing in federal income taxes whine and bit** about other people contributing nothing. Are they too dimwitted to not realize that they are speaking of themselves?


      1. Darth Timon, fairness as a concept cannot be legislated. As far as my position personally is concerned, I do not agree or disagree. Just my thoughts.


  6. Darth Timon, I am honestly in the middle. These will be in my words as to how I interpret your post, however, it seems to me that you don’t seem to have an objection to having some degree of a 1%. Would the issue be in terms of how many people fit into that category? Some clarification would definitely help.


    1. I believe that a person can work hard, earn a great deal of money and live a very comfortable life using that money, whilst still paying their workforce a healthy wage that enables said workforce to have a good quality of life too. There are enough resources in this world to ensure everyone has a roof over their heads and does not go hungry, yet there isn’t the will to make that happen.

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